Anyone have a solar powered Popemobile? His Holiness demands it!

The Pope is looking for a solar powered Popemobile to ride around in with bullet-proof windows. Traditionally the popemobile has been a white Mercedes Benz with a bulletproof box on the top ever since someone tried to assassinate the pope with a pistol that wounded him. The pope survived but refitted his Mercedes with a bulletproof box. Now the new pope wants to make his popemobile solar powered to prove that he is serious about the environment. The only issue that has arisen is that his security says in a hurry, a solar powered car couldn’t accelerate fast enough to get away from the would-be assassin.


This photo belongs to Catholic Church (England and Wales)’s photos.


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Man with no arms or legs swims English Channel

Phillip Croizon, a frenchman and quadruple amputee, swam the English Channel recently. He was using prosthetic legs with flippers on the end. He lost both his arms and legs when he was working on his television antennae which touched a power line. He swam the channel in 13 hours, he was also joined by some dolphins on his way. He went parachuting from an airplane and wrote a book about it before attempting the swim.